Trump, Sanders continue lead on New Hampshire primary eve

Presidential candidate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks at a town hall-style campaign event in Hampton N.H. on Sunday

SC is next up on the GOP primary calendar and votes February 20.

Sanders seems to hold an equally big lead in New Hampshire over Clinton, the apparent front-runner nationally. He must win to have a chance of staying competitive with the former secretary of state and first lady as the race moves to more diverse states.

For the crowd in Manchester, Trump, gave an off-the-cuff speech that touched on everything from soup to nuts. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was not more supportive of waterboarding.

We promise that you've never seen anything like it in politics before. "You're not allowed to say that and I never expected to hear you say that again". "I think that's what the law should be". Trump said of the audience member in Manchester, New Hampshire.

"It's insane if you say, I have an honest disagreement and here's why".

"Boy, do we have a ground game", Trump said. "Shout it out", said Trump.

Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler responded via email, saying, "Let's not forget who whipped who in Iowa".

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who finished behind Rubio in the primary, pummeled the junior senator with a series of barbs about his "truancy" from the senate, leaving him stunned.

Rubio, who was roundly mocked for reciting rote talking points over and over in Saturday's debate, was working to flip the script, arguing that if he sounded repetitive, it was only because he was consistent. Trump then pretended to act in disgust.

After the exchange, Kierstead told the Times he planned to vote in the Democratic primary Tuesday.

Rubio insisted his repetitions were part of his plan.

Bedford resident Anne Hammer, 44, said she voted for Rubio after seeing him in a town hall on Sunday where he put to rest her debate concerns.

Mr. Rubio has spent almost $5 million on attacks ads, focusing on Mr. Bush and Mr. Cruz.

Rubio admitted this morning he is uncertain where he will place in the Granite State, but he believes he will "finish strong". Christie and Bush both piled on Rubio, claiming he hadn't been tested the way that governors have.

Besides the candidates on the ballot, Dr. Wink said the way Texans will vote will be different than New Hampshirites. "She said he's a p-ssy", said Trump.

Despite her razor-thin victory in the Iowa Caucus last week, Hillary Clinton is still trailing in the polls in New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders.

Clinton was shouldering renewed troubles amid talk of a possible campaign reshuffling.

The former first lady insisted it was all overblown.

"I just want to tell you right now: Ma'am, you're reprimanded, okay?"

As the New Hampshire campaign comes to a close, a super PAC supporting Sen.