Around 38.6% of Adult Australian Play the Pokies

People who doubt the popularity of online casino gaming in Australia should note that 38.6% of adult Australian play the pokies. In fact, more than eighty percent of adults in Australia do some form of gambling, but the people of Australia are going to vary in terms of the online gambling that they do enjoy. People in the industry debate about the form of gambling that is the most popular in Australia, because they want to make sure they are investing the resources in the right places. Since 38.6% of adult Australian play the pokies, it seems that developing more online casino slot games is going to make the most sense for the casino gaming software developers.


Many people all around the world are going to play casino games at websites like AllSlots online pokies. However, certain cultures are going to be more drawn to them than others. Slot machine games have generally been the most popular of the online casino games. People might look at the figure that says that 38.6% of adult Australian play the pokies and come to the wrong conclusion. For one thing, they might note that this still does not technically represent a majority of Australian adults. However, it should be noted that it is very rare to get figures that are this high when coming up with statistics that pertain to an entire adult population. The fact that the figures are this high for Australian adults is certainly noteworthy, and it demonstrates just how popular this one category of games really is.


People also might wonder how online casino slot games compare to the other types of casino games in Australia. If such a large percentage of Australian adults play pokies, they are certainly going to play a lot of the other online casino slot games. Since 38.6% of adult Australian play the pokies, the culture is already skewed towards casino gaming in more ways than one. Still, the fact that pokies themselves have become so popular in Australia is noteworthy, and it is the sort of thing that people should keep in mind when they are trying to analyze the casino gaming industry in general.



Pokies are easier to play than a lot of other casino games, which is going to make them more popular than games of skill like poker and blackjack, which require a great deal of knowledge about cards and the odds. People are also potentially going to get to benefit from progressive jackpots when they play many casino slot games, and it is the casino slot games that tend to have these jackpots in the first place. People should know that the online casino gaming software development companies have a strong tendency to keep on creating more and more online casino slot games, so people are going to have more options if they are interested in online casino gaming pokies in the first place. Now that 38.6% of adult Australian play the pokies, it is possible that this situation is only going to continue as more and more companies try to increase their success.