Bill Clinton talks email controversy: 'Biggest load of bull'

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Documents received from federal court showed that "the State Department did not once reject a Bill Clinton speech as a potential conflict of interest. They saw two little notes with a "C" on it", Clinton said at the Asian American Journalists Association event Friday in Las Vegas.

Bill Clinton has said it was a mistake for Hillary Clinton to use a personal email server while secretary of state even though her predecessors and her successor did the same.

The former USA leader, responding to a question about Hillary Clinton's trustworthiness at a forum sponsored by Asian-American organizations, said it would be "inconceivable [that] all the prominent national security people, including Republicans, would have endorsed her" if they did not believe in her ability to protect secrets.

But Trump senior communications adviser Jason Miller said people would rather see the deleted emails from Mrs Clinton's private server.

But Mr Trump said he wanted to ensure that Mrs Clinton's supporters did not vote multiple times, citing concerns about voter fraud.

Sources tell CNN members of Congress will be given access to notes taken during Hillary Clinton's Federal Bureau of Investigation interview. He also said that Clinton sent or received more than 100 emails that federal agencies have determined contained information that was classified at the time the emails were originated.

She sought to clarify those remarks at a gathering of Hispanic and African-American journalists in Washington, D.C., last week, saying she may have "short-circuited" her answers.

Meanwhile Republican rival Donald Trump said the only way he could lose in Pennsylvania is if there was cheating. After watching FBI Director James Comey's news conference twice and all 4½ hours of his interrogation by the House Oversight Committee, it is clear to me that he found no reason to believe she lied to the FBI. He also said she and her staff likely put sensitive information at risk. "I may have short-circuited and for what I will try to clarify".