Church minister Lee Banfield is first to leave Great British Bake Off

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The Great British Bake Off begins on BBC One at 8pm -plenty of time to whizz up a fresh batch of scones, slather them on the jam and kick back with a steaming cup of tea.

Mary Berry was almost the only judge on the "Great British Bake Off".

At the end of the first challenge Judge Paul Hollywood then describes one of the opening cakes as "awful" and another as "very dry", while even kind Mary Berry says another is "very messy".

Banfield struggled early on, with his sponge turning into clumps while preparing his orange and lemon drizzle cake, which he based on the Bells of St Clements.

He also thanked his co-star Michael Georgiou, 20, for his advice about muffins, while aerospace engineer Andrew Smyth complimented Bansal on his salted caramel macarons.

"My worst moment was when Paul held up my Jaffa cake and said "that isn't a Jaffa cake".

He said: "I was trying to keep a straight face so I didn't give it away that it was mine".

Lee, a former builder who later studied for the church, told the Mirror: "I'm disappointed to be the first off but I've always enjoyed baking and at church I do regular baking demonstrations".

"So while my wife was at work and the children were at school I decided to make a cake, and I went into the kitchen and baked a lemon tart and we thoroughly enjoyed it when we had it for tea - and since then I've been baking". "You should be very proud of yourself".