Clinton has narrow advantage over Trump in Ohio

Donald Trump Has Fairfax County on the Brain

But this weekend, Buzzfeed reported that during a meeting with a Hispanic advisory council, Trump hinted he wasn't totally attached to that proposal.

Donald Trump is postponing a major immigration speech he was set to deliver Thursday in Colorado as his campaign continues to fine-tune his immigration policy.

Two weeks after campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was ousted, the Trump campaign sent his firm, Green Monster Consulting, another $20,000 cheque.

Almost four in ten voters believe that the USA media is biased for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US election, said a new poll.

"Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment", said Trump during a campaign rally in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, a close ally of Trump, told CBS that Trump is still working through his plans for deportations should he win the White House.

"He's wrestling with how to do that".

"The idea is we're not getting someone in front of the line, we're doing it in a legal way, but he wants to hear ideas of how we deal with 11 million people that are here with no documents", said Jose Fuentes, who was chair of Mitt Romney's Hispanic advisory committee in 2012, and attended the meeting.

Republican pollster Greg Strimple said that's not just spin, arguing the "overarching national message of the campaign is not one that can unify the country, so I would focus on doing small events that have local flavor". "He's thinking that through".

"I think the Clinton campaign lost an opportunity to have the vice-president be a Latino to really solidify that".

Trump's reshuffling also overshadowed fresh stories about Clinton's use of a private email account and server as secretary of state. Reading from a teleprompter, he got off to a rocky start when he thanked the audience and said, "So Fairfax, on November 8, you've got to get out and vote, right?"

She said that the campaign would work more closely with RNC officials and try to expand the map of competitive swing states from seven or eight to 10 or 11.

Conway joined the Trump team at the beginning of July as a senior adviser to Manafort.

Guy also noted the rather muddied responses from campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who had previously drafted a pro-amnesty memo prior to her hiring with the Trump campaign, and Sen. And Trump himself is a reason for a lot of it - whether it's a serious political faux pas or ones that are, frankly, kind of trivial.

Trump shook up his campaign this past week, installing a new chief executive, Stephen Bannon - former head of conservative news site Breitbart News.

Any easing of Trump's hard-line stance on immigration - which also includes building a wall along the border with Mexico and temporarily banning Muslim immigrants - could alienate some of his most ardent supporters.

A Reuters/Ipsos survey released on Friday showed Clinton leading Trump nationally by 8 percentage points, 42 per cent to 34 per cent.

Priebus addressed the new leadership hires on the Trump campaign, praising Conway for doing a "fantastic job in pivoting and showing a direction of this campaign we're going".