Latest poll numbers for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton was more trusted than Trump to make a decision on using nuclear weapons, to look out for them during tough economic times, to nominate the next Supreme Court justice, and to protect the Constitution.

The campaign has been wracked by turmoil in recent days.

Pushing back on reports that there is chaos in the Republican, Trump said the party was united. Both Ryan and McCain spoke out against Trump's statements about the Khan family.

Meg Whitman, a prominent Republican fundraiser and the chief executive of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, says she will support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, calling the businessman "reckless and uninformed".

In an interview with The New York Times, Whitman said it was time "to put country first before party". During the campaign, she called for tougher sanctions against employers who hire illegal workers, but her campaign suffered after it was revealed that she employed an illegal immigrant maid from Mexico for nine years.

Trump's operation has been beset by internal discord, including growing concern about general election preparedness and a lack of support from Republican leaders, according to two people familiar with the organization's inner workings.

Another billionaire is bucking Donald Trump. Also in 2012, Ms. Whitman held the position of chairwoman of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R)'s finance team. Whitman funded her own, ultimately failed campaign to be elected governor of California in 2010.

"We've been humiliated by President Obama and his policies", he said, later adding that he would like to play Obama in golf to determine the presidency.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine says cities would have strong partners in Washington if Hillary Clinton wins the White House. Trump has been between 38% and 39% support for the past six weeks. He has also proposed renegotiating trade treaties, opening up to Russian Federation, revamping NATO and has suggested Japan and South Korea should get nuclear weapons.

In the past week, Donald Trump has suggested a foreign power hack his opponent, been involved in a public feud with the family of a slain soldier, and refused to back leading Republicans in their reelection bids. A CNN/ORC poll this week showed Clinton with a 9-point edge in a head-to-head matchup with Trump.