No Man's Sky team acknowledges a 'number of issues,' patch incoming

No Man's Sky team acknowledges a 'number of issues,' patch incoming

If you happened to log on Steam to purchase No Man's Sky, you'll be greeted with a long list of poor reviews as the game has not been flooded with bugs.

Most gamers agree that No Man's Sky is a technical masterpiece, highlighted by the ability to blast off into space, zoom into space, and seamless landing with no apparent loading.

For players getting past the title screen, stable frame rates are proving elusive even on newer hardware.

No Man's Sky was originally supposed to launch on the PC at the same time as the PS4 but it was pushed back a few extra days at the last minute. Apparently, the studio has already taken on a new QA team that is actually larger than the Hello Games development team, who are working alongside the Sony QA team. However, numerous first players of the PC port have reported performance issues since getting the game up and running. There will also be a patch in the "near future" to address some of these problems, as well as implementing a ticketing system for user support. You can also revert to two previous saves if you've made a mistake. Lastly, the multiplayer game does not allow player meet ups. Once transferred to a ship without a hyperdrive, a nearby NPC will in many cases then be able to give the player a hyperdrive, with the issue often being solved with a console restart.

No Man's Sky earned a 7/10 review from TrustedReviews, earning praise for its handsome and unprecedentedly expansive universe.