Rory McIlroy 'somewhat proven wrong' on doubts over Rio 2016 Olympic golf

Zach Johnson Rips Olympic Golf

McIlroy is a four-time major victor at just 27 years old and one of the top golfers in the world, so he has the right to choose his path.

McIlroy admitted that he'd watched a bit of the golf and came away impressed with how it turned out.

"I saw Henrik (Stenson) and Justin (Rose's) fairway woods (shots) at the last (hole)", McIlroy said.

But following the event's success, he said: "There was more people at the golf events than there was at the athletics".

'But to see the crowds and everyone having a good time.well, I was glad to be proven somewhat wrong. It really was. It seems like it was a great atmosphere down there. I thought it was going to just sort of blend in with everything else and sort of be, not forgotten about, but just one of a lot of sports that were there, obviously.

More than a month ago, it sounded like Rory McIlroy wasn't going to be watching the event, either.

McIlroy added that Rose, who held off Stenson for the gold medal, was "the right winner" in the end.

His favorite part? "The passion that everyone was displaying; the videos I was getting from [U.S. team member] Rickie [Fowler] of all the guys and just how much fun everybody was having on and off the golf course", he said.

While the Olympic viewing habits of those players varied greatly, they all agreed that the play was good for the growth of the game. It's hard not to go home, but at the same time Zika was just one of a few issues I felt like I was facing going down to Brazil. He did watch the Olympics, just not he golf.

"The potential for regret was going to be there, and it certainly was while I was watching", he said.

Spieth tweeted after the men's golf ended that it would be a goal to be in Tokyo in 2020.

'I'm playing nine events in the next 12 weeks, including the Ryder Cup, so I do feel there's enough golf left to salvage it and call it somewhat of a successful year, ' he said. But to me the risk wasn't worth it. Working with Nike for several years, they got to know what I like in golf clubs so there's no reason to start changing just because I can, when I'm comfortable with everything. "Personally, I thought of it as the hype of a major championship as from a player's perspective watching". "I'm planning to go down there the weekend before The Tour Championship".

McIlroy said he has been able to at least stock up on the Nike RZN Platinum golf balls he has been using this year.

The 27-year-old was among the high-profile golfers who withdrew from the field in the build-up to the Olympics, citing health concerns regarding Zika. "If I can play my way onto that team, that would be fantastic".

"I think after seeing how everything kind of unfolded in Rio with how the golf was played, I think it was well-received amongst the world, actually", Day said.