Trump camp goes on tear against the media

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The American public could see vice presidential candidate Mike Pence's tax returns before getting to read Donald Trump's, as the GOP running mate suggested he would release his documents before Election Day. He also insisted on a plain falsehood, that President Barack Obama "founded" the Islamic State group, multiple times. He also appeared to encourage gun owners to take action if Clinton is elected and appointed judges who favor gun control.

In Florida, one of the most contested states in November, a poll from NBC News/Wall Street Journal showed Clinton with a 5-point lead.

Ms Clinton now leads in all of the most recent major polls by a substantial margin at this stage in the election. "I'm not running against Crooked Hillary, I'm running against the crooked media", Trump said at a rally in Fairfield, Connecticut. "I'm running against the crooked media".

"I don't care", Mr Trump shot back.

Donald Trump's campaign is on a tear against the media just as his GOP backers are urging him - again - to focus his attacks on his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Frustratingly for Republicans, Mr Trump's missteps have overshadowed hard news for Mrs Clinton: the new release of 44 previously-unreleased email exchanges she had while at the State Department. Clinton also made an economic policy speech in MI last week.

Donald Trump has been complaining loudly in recent days that the media are not covering him fairly.

Huey called Trump a "demagogue" and said journalists are his new scapegoat: "First it was the Mexicans, then it was the Muslims, now it's you".

"I would take the entire article and throw it in the trash", he said. Trump explained to the assembled crowd that despite low unemployment (at least as reported by rigged federal government numbers) and the highest per capita income of any state in the country, their home is actually a miserable rathole where nobody has a job and nobody makes anything.

"Mr. Trump bears no responsibility for his campaign being off-message?"

"It was not meant at all to be a threat", Manafort said. Trump said. His criticisms, all the more biting because they're true, also included The New York Times, which as everyone knows is failing and will probably go out of business soon. The paper reported that Trump's advisers are resigned to the fact that the candidate can not stick to plans to change and to stop provoking others and that Trump's mood in private is "sullen and erratic". In response, many in the audience turned to the reporters held in a fenced-off pen and politely shared their agreement with Trump's observations about the media.

"Stay tuned, it's very early in this campaign".

Trump has barred a number of publications, including The Washington Post, from attending his rallies. While so-called "experts" say that voter impersonation is absurdly rare, Trump is encouraging patriotic citizens to go to polling places in "certain areas" and keep an eye out for people voting ten times, which those kind of people are likely to do.

"He's turned to bite the hand that fed him", former Time Inc. editor John Huey said on Sunday's "Reliable Sources". "We pay taxes to support the military", Kaine said.

Trump's senior communications adviser Jason Miller said the media critiques are necessary.

The Trump campaign has seen significant fallout in the polls in the past week. He called the report "fiction" and reiterated that he is not about to change what he sees as a winning campaign formula.

Miller sounded a different note on the issue than Pence, who has said in the past that he would talk to the Trump campaign about lifting the ban on certain publications because he believes in a free press.

Pence declined to preview Trump's plan in an interview on "Fox News Sunday", saying only that Trump will offer a "change of direction" in counterterrorism policies.

Said Pence: "Well, look. we have different styles, but as I told that little boy, we have exactly the same convictions". His crowds at rallies regularly boo and jeer the journalists who cover the events.