Arrestor beds help prevent disaster on Pence's campaign jet

Pence plane slides off runway at NYC's LaGuardia Airport

The Pence campaign plane has had issues for some time, reporters traveling on it have commented, reports Politico, and has made hard landings from airports ranging to small facilities in Iowa, to major airports such as LaGuardia.

It was likely a combination of technological innovation and government regulation that prevented the chartered Boeing 737-700 carrying Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence and his entourage from a potentially serious disaster at New York's LaGuardia Airport on Thursday night.

Arrestor beds have been installed at dozens of airports across the country in recent years, including in Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., and at the New York-area's three major airports.

No one was injured in the incident which occurred less than two weeks before the U.S. presidential election, crucial campaign days for Pence and running mate Donald Trump.

"We're great thank God and just very grateful for the concern", he said.

"It was relatively close to the Grand Central, it would have been hundreds of feet away if I had to guess and fortunately that was not in play tonight", Port Authority Executive Director Patrick Foye told reporters Thursday. "The arrestor beds served their goal tonight", he said. Mike's Democratic rival tweeted she was "glad to hear" he was safe, while Donald, at a rally in OH, gushed all over his running mate.

Pence said once the plane came to a stop, passengers noticed "there was mud on the windows on our front half of the plane, and we smelled the burned rubber". For instance, one could say that the national media's manipulations have become so obvious that they've skidded off the runway.

That audio from Trump acquired the old Eastern Air Lines in 1989.

"Trump wants to do, in part what we've done in IN but most especially what Ronald Reagan did back in the cut taxes across the board", Pence said, including lowering the federal corporate tax rate to 15 percent from 35 percent. We have an emergency in the airport...

"Approximately 80 arrestor beds were destroyed".

Sumwalt said the plane's cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder were recovered and would be analyzed. The other remained closed while the plane was being removed.

The Port Authority hasn't appeared to release an official statement on why the plane skidded, but CNN's Anderson Cooper spoke with Mary Schiavo, a former inspector general for the Department of Transportation, who shared her opinions of the incident, saying that the rainy weather likely had something to do with it.

Kevin Quan, vice president of sales and marketing, said the company - a subsidiary of Zodiac Aerospace - has been manufacturing arresting gear equipment for military aircraft for more than 70 years.

The FAA began researching this problem in the 1990s.

"When there's a layer of water on it, it is very much like hydroplaning in your auto", she said, adding, "LaGuardia has had this very thing happen before". "We slid", Pence said.

While touting his accomplishments leading a state and crafting legislation in Washington, Pence talked about a pillar of Trump's plan to jump-start the economy.