Joe Biden Could Be Named Secretary of State If Clinton Elected

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Hillary Clinton wants The Onion's favorite vice president, Joe Biden, to take her old job as Secretary of State, according to a new report from Politico.

Biden topped a short list for secretary of state that is being compiled by the transition team of Clinton, two media outlets reported. As a senator, Biden chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and later, as President Obama's second-in-command, served a key role in a number of the decisions defining Obama's presidency, such as ushering in the Affordable Care Act, and implementing the stimulus package, according to CNN.

Biden, who once contemplated running for the presidential nomination against Clinton, spoke with "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson Thursday about his plans after leaving his vice presidential post.

Neither Clinton nor her aides have approached Biden yet, the source claims.

Both Biden and Clinton lost the Democratic primary to Obama in 2008, with both later serving in the administration.

Some may say Biden predicted this situation. They also knew each other when Clinton was First Lady, and they had a reportedly friendly personal relationship, which makes sense considering the many times they've been photographed hand-in-hand at her campaign events.

While he is more than qualified, and has cross-party appeal, Clinton would also be selecting someone she has had major clashes with in the past - including whether or not to leave troops in Iraq or to bomb Syria.

This time around the Clinton team is leaking that he could be up for secretary of state in a potential administration.

Or it least it does if you're willing to ignore the fact that Biden's recent track record on foreign policy is catastrophic. Biden previously shot down the idea of working in a Clinton administration, instead looking to focus on leading a national effort to cure cancer (though that could change).

When Dickerson asked Biden what he'll do on his final day in office, the vice president replied, "What I'm going to do is go home and begin to figure out what I do for the rest of my life".

Last week, he expressed outrage at Republican nominee Donald Trump's now infamous comments about grabbing women without consent, saying he wished they "were in high school", so that he "could take [Trump] behind the gym".