Tom Brady responds to criticism after ducking Donald Trump question

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While Brady didn't go further into Trump's "locker room" comments, he did say that he considers Trump, 70, to be a friend - and that he does not "hold grudges on anybody". As he spent the early part of the 2016 season on suspension for the whole deflategate thing, there was the ongoing conversation about his relationship to the man dumb enough to laugh about assaulting women while wearing a microphone.

Brady's friendship with Trump has come up several times during the election, most recently last week when necn reporter Jonathan Choe asked him how he would respond if his kids heard Trump's version of "locker room talk".

After Brady talked about how people haven't believed in him throughout his career, either Kirk or Callahan asked Brady if the Donald Trump he knew was the Donald Trump you see on TV.

"One way or another, it's so far away from when the election will be".

"There's been a lot of headlines to make, and I've tried not to make a lot of headlines", Brady said Monday of ending his Wednesday interview after the Trump question.

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report reported some of the black players on the Buffalo Bills took issue with head coach Rex Ryan publicly supporting Trump and even introducing the nominee at a rally in the city.

"I'll peek at them from time to time with Josh". "Being here for two weeks has been great, and the practices and so forth have been really good for me. It's way off my radar". Brady later clarified that he would like to stay out of political talk. Maybe [I use pictures] to verify some fronts and stuff like that, to make sure where guys are shaded and [for] identification, because in our system we always set the scheme of blocking on every play. He's been a friend of mine. He's supported our team.

"He's supported the Patriots", the quarterback said. He's always called me after games to encourage me over the course of 15 years.

"I met [Trump] I guess probably 15, 16 years ago", Brady said. "That's kind of the way it is".

Brady wasn't willing to say whether he endorses Trump but said he planned to vote. "I've been in an organisation where we're taught to say very little", he said.