British serial killer found guilty of four murders

Stephen Port

Prosecutors say Stephen Port invited the men, all in their 20s, to his home, where he gave them lethal doses of the psychoactive drug GHB so he could rape them while they were unconscious.

Port, who worked as a chef in a bus garage, then dragged the bodies of his victims out into the street and left them slumped against walls not far from his flat in the Barking neighborhood of east London, police said.

The victims were Anthony Walgate, 23, of Golders Green, Gabriel Kovari, 22, who lived with Port at his Barking address, Daniel Whitworth, 21, of Gravesend and Jack Taylor, 25, of Dagenham.

The 41-year-old denied all the charges against him but was found guilty of the murders as well as a range of sexual offences against more men.

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. He even claimed that the deceased themselves were responsible for the overdoses and in one instance accused a murder victim of carrying out one of the other killings.

Police treated Mr Whitworth's death "at face value" and no efforts were made to verify the sham note which turned out to be in Port's handwriting, Mr Rees told jurors.

He was also convicted of seven counts of administering a substance, including to Mr Walgate, three rapes and three sex assaults.

"The IPCC investigation is ongoing and I can't pre-empt its findings but the evidence heard at the trial did identify potentially missed opportunities to catch Port sooner", commented Commander Stuart Cundy, of the Met's Specialist Crime and Operations command, in a statement.

"I didn't notice while we was having sex that he had stopped breathing".

Scotland Yard admitted "potential opportunities" were missed and investigators failed to see "striking similarities" between the deaths of Port's four victims.

Initially, his death was treated as "non-suspicious", the court heard.

A SERIAL killer has been found guilty of four counts of murder and a string of sexual offences.

Port was said to have been obsessed with boyish-looking smaller men, who he called "Twinks".

The IPCC's investigators are now urging witnesses to come forward following the convictions.

Mr Cundy said: "Now we have the verdict I am personally writing to each of the families of the four young men who died as well as Daniel Whitworth's partner to express our honest condolences".