London's Heathrow Finally Approved For Major Expansion

Gatwick planes

The British government Tuesday announced its support of the decision to expand the capacity of the Heathrow Airport with a third runway, drawing mixed criticism.

The airport chief was answering a question about how greater capacity at Heathrow could help Cardiff in its ambition to provide long haul services.

The new runway will be placed less than 2km away from Mr Sharma's constituency and is estimated to cost £17bn.

A new route to Heathrow would in theory be supported by the third runway which was given backing by the government this week.

A connection between Heathrow and Cardiff Airport is "not out of the question", the chairman of Cardiff Airport has said.

International Airport Review will continue to bring up up-to-date coverage about the long-awaited decision.

Many observers saw the U.K.'s vote to leave the European Union as a move towards protectionism and away from free trade. The protest group's Sheila Menon said the decision could have "devastating consequences" for local communities around the airport. Parliamentary discussions, planning and building could easily take a decade.

Heathrow's expansion, approved by a cabinet committee on Tuesday, still faces hurdles.

In a sign of how hard passage could be, United Kingdom foreign secretary Boris Johnson quickly announced his opposition.

"I think in the long run we will have to go back to those ideas because, I'm afraid to say, Heathrow is not in the right place and I'm afraid a third runway is undeliverable", he said.

The government has proposed legally binding noise targets to provide respite for local residents anxious about demolition of several villages as well as airport noise and air pollution. His departure would create a new political headache for Prime Minister Theresa May.

"I am exploring how I can best be involved in any legal process over the coming months", he said. It's a statement the government had to make, and it's one that media executives will likely applaud, unless they live in Richmond and the surrounding area - in which case, they might always fancy a shift into politics. The case for expansion at both airports remains clear: Heathrow is full and Gatwick operates at full capacity at peak times.

Heathrow's runway is expected to create around 77,000 jobs by 2030, and increase the country's wider economy by up to £61bn over 60 years. But that's well below an earlier 2015 official estimate.