Relative calm as humanitarian pause begins in Syria's Aleppo

30 2016 by the Syrian militant group Ahrar al-Sham shows the general commander of Ahrar al-sham Mohannad al-Masri center visiting fighters in rural western Aleppo Syria. An insurgent alliance known as the Army

The lives of Russian officers are not under threat as they were lightly injured and evacuated to a safe area in Aleppo. A lobby of missiles on that part of the city killed 12 civilians on Thursday, state media said.

Protester John Dunford, who chained himself to the gates, says he's protesting "the use of cluster munitions and bunker busters and other awful horrors that the Russian government has been a part of in Syria".

Syrian activists in east Aleppo said that while the pause had led to a respite from daily air raids, they always expected that the bombing would eventually resume and that Russian Federation and the regime meant to take the city by force.

Syrian state media reported seven mortar shells targeting the al-Castello corridor halted residents trying to escape.

Putin has ordered that the aid corridors - which Russian Federation had opened earlier - also be open Friday, for longer hours, from 9 7 Aleppo, along with two new exit routes for the rebels to leave eastern Aleppo "in order to prevent a senseless loss of life", the Defense Ministry said.

The Russian Defence Ministry added that rebels inside Aleppo had taken heavy losses during the fighting and were effectively trapped.

He said eight corridors - six for civilians and two for fighters - could be used for this.

Steinmeier says it's important to ensure that the upcoming change of USA administrations doesn't result in a vacuum, adding that "we now urgently need a new impetus for talks between Moscow and Washington, but also the regional actors".

Syrian rebels and civilians showed no sign of leaving the besieged opposition-held sector of Aleppo on Friday, despite a Russian deadline to resume bombing Syria's largest city at nightfall after a 17-day pause. The Syrian rebels dismissed Putin's initiative.

Rebel fighters ride a vehicle after they took control of Dahiyet al-Assad, west Aleppo city, Syria October 29, 2016.

"All attempts by the rebels to break through in Aleppo have failed", the ministry said.

Fighters of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, Nour al-Din al-Zinki and Abu Amara attempted to seize positions and weapons from Fastaqim, one of its officials said.

The Qasioun news agency reported that the planes fired missiles on the towns of Urem al-Kubra and Kfar Naha in western Aleppo, wounding several people.

Meanwhile rebel groups have attacked western Aleppo, which is held by the government.

Syrian rebels launched a fresh wave of attacks on western districts of Aleppo Thursday as airstrikes on a rebel-held village south of the contested city killed civilians, activists said.

Molhem Ekaidi, deputy commander of Fastaqim group, one of the major rebel factions fighting inside Aleppo, also accused the Russians of lying.

Other Russian officials have not indicated what they intend to do when the pause ends.