Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt together at last, but critics pan 'Passengers'

Jennifer Lawrence wants Mystique in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 over next X-Men

Jennifer Lawrence is now promoting "Passengers" with co-star Chris Pratt.

However, co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have more in common than just the rapidly approaching sci-fi film; they also have roles as prominent Marvel characters, albeit in totally different fictional universes.

Ask Lawrence about being a part of "Guardians of the Galaxy", she says, "I would love to".

Fans and producers are now torn whether it would be a good idea to introduce Mystique in "Guardians of the Galaxy", since many consider her a core part of the X-Men franchise. "I would choose that over doing another "X-Men" movie maybe", Jennifer Lawrence added. "I wonder if I can do that".

Pratt smiled at the camera and joked, "It just happened".

'This is a binding legal contract, ' he said of her admission.

This interview took place to promote Lawrence and Pratt's new movie, "Passengers", which by most accounts is not good.

Jennifer Lawrence to star in the movie Joy, opposite Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper.

"It's scary to make that first step but I have faith in this material", she said.

Sounds like we won't be seeing Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in whatever kind of X-Men reboot Fox Studios is planning.

The chances of her jokey response coming true are slim to none considering the "Guardians" sequel is in post production and set to hit theaters on May 5, 2017.

With Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt featuring in nearly every scene of new sci-fi romance "Passengers", director Morten Tyldum was apprehensive about the chemistry between two American actors who had never worked together before.