Trump Points Out Double Standard Regarding Those Threatening Electors

The race to 37 Electoral College members say they're seeing possible defections

In Michigan, there's been no indication that any of Michigan's 16 electors will refuse to vote for Trump.

At meetings scheduled in every state capitol and the District of Columbia, the institution's 538 electors, chosen by state parties, will cast official ballots for president and vice president.

"The goal of the Electoral College was to permit the slave states to have their influence in choosing the president while not allowing most of the people in their borders to vote", Epps said. She believes the Electoral College system should be changed, saying, "We should go with the popular vote, period".

Moore then offered to pay the legal fees for those electors who may be fined for voting against the candidate for which their respective state law requires them to vote.

If you ask some voters, especially Republicans, Clinton did not in fact win the popular vote on November 8.

Like Manning however, the vast majority of Electoral College members are choosing to follow the mandate of their respective states and vote accordingly.

It happened with last month's election where President-elect Donald Trump won the Electoral College threshold of 270 and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.5 million votes. He would be one of just five presidents to win the White House while losing the popular vote (since it was tracked starting in 1824). The President-elect won 59 percent of the vote in Idaho and all four electoral votes.

Matt Moore, an elector and the chairman of the state GOP, said afterward the result was never in doubt.

Wirt A. Yerger Jr., a Republican elector in MS, said, "I have gotten several thousand emails asking me not to vote for Trump".

The Electoral College's decision will be made official by Congress on January 6. Start time vary, so below is a state-by-state list of how to watch each one cast their Electoral College votes.

The lead elector was referring to reports that the nation's intelligence agencies had come to the consensus that state-sponsored Russian hackers had attempted to interfere in the race on behalf of Trump, leaking damaging internal e-mails from the Democratic National Committee.