Trump trolling rolls on as Baldwin returns to 'SNL'

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S Night Live opened their December 17 Christmas special with President-elect Donald Trump, getting a special visitor at Trump Tower: Vladimir Putin.

Then, Rex Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil and Donald Trump's pick to be secretary of state, walks into the office.

Despite getting slammed repeatedly by Trump, Baldwin's portrayal became a fan favourite and numerous election-related cold open skits have gone viral online.

"All I know is I won", Trump says.

"You're the best candidate, the smartest candidate, the Manchurian Candidate", Putin tells Trump.

This time, the SNL cold opening mocked the latest in the Trump-sphere, including his ties to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the hacking, etc.

"Mr. Trump, we are here because your Central Intelligence Agency is saying that we Russians tried to make you win election", says Putin, played by Beck Bennett.

"Marry them", replies Mr Trump. "It's fun", Putin adds "You just put it right here next to your internet router and you keep it there all year". "This guy has so much energy.") There were jokes about the transition team's reported difficulty in finding high-profile entertainers to play at the January inauguration festivities ("So many great names here, really".

Meanwhile, Trump stands by and riffs on how he's going to take "destroy Vanity Fair" and brags about knowing Kanye West.

He and Putin pull out a map to discuss their plans for oil production - playing up Tillerson's longtime ties to Russian Federation.

Casey Affleck hosted Saturday Night Live's Christmas special, and the Manchester By the Sea star got some help from some veteran SNL hosts and even some former cast-members. He was also awarded Putin's Order of Friendship in 2013.