Xbox One now supports 300 backwards compatible games

Xbox One console and bundle deals

Thanks to the introduction of the Xbox One S, the console has retaken the initiative, finishing ahead of the PS4 as the top selling console.

This makes the Xbox One the first game console to support object-based surround sound.

It also means that you'll be able to use different applications, like VLC, to access your Dropbox files on Xbox, as well as upload files to Dropbox from USB sticks or other universal Windows apps. And of course, mammoth company Microsoft is taking advantage of this season to offer unbelievable deals to its customers, starting with its newest generation gaming console, the Xbox One. You can now play Xbox One or Xbox 360 games (via backward compatibility) on a virtual screen through a Rift headset plugged into a PC.

The Nintendo Wii U, dead console walking and set to be replaced next March, is still going for $299.99. But one sure fire idea that will nearly certainly be a hit is a next-generation console from Microsoft or Sony.

The new app offers most of the features you would find in Dropbox on other platforms, including the ability to upload, comment on and share files.

One of Microsoft's big surprises for 2015 was the announcement of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One.

"We first brought you this deal during Black Friday weekend, and it was incredibly successful for PS4 sales so we chose to bring it back this month", Sony said in its official announcement on December 7.

Xbox One S "FIFA17" 500GGB special edition bundle for $249 (original price $299), a $50 discount.

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