Man Hanging Unconscious From Lift Rescued By Professional Slackliner

Instagram  Mickey Wilson

Mickey Wilson was skiing with friends at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, in Keystone, Colorado, Wednesday when one of them suddenly disappeared from the chairlift.

"There really wasn't much that Arapahoe Basin as a ski area could have done to prevent this".

In an Instagram post about the rescue, Wilson said after the operator stopped the lift, he and others tried to build a human pyramid to reach the dangling man. Realising his friend was being hung, Mickey Wilson climbed along the lift cable. A newly arrived ski patrolman threw me a knife and I luckily caught it on the first try and cut the strap.

Wilson said his friend is doing quite well, and he was expected to be released Thursday. "Just seeing a person get the life sucked out of them".

In addition to being a professional slackliner, Wilson graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Physics and a Master's Degree in Microelectronic Materials.

"As he tried to get off, his backpack caught, and because he was on the outside of the chairlift, he went around the emergency chairlift shutoff (trigger)", Wilson told the Post.

Wilson added: "I'd like to take this moment now to thank the #slacklife for the skills it has given me". "The backpack had wrapped around his neck and he was unconscious, dangling 10 feet above the snow".

"I've done that exact same move, kinda on your butt slash thigh, I've done that for 200 feet before", WIlson said.

In dramatic vision of the rescue, bystanders can be heard shouting "cut him loose" before the man falls to the snow, where ski field staff begin performing CPR. Wilson, however, told the Post he spoke to him that same night through FaceTime and that he seemed alright, neck brace and all.

On December 29, a 40-year-old woman was killed when she fell more than four metres from a ski lift at a different resort.

Officials say skiers should not have been wearing a backpack on the lift.

"I took off my gloves and I climbed up the lift tower", he said. The newspaper reported that to get to the man, Wilson scaled the lift tower, then "slid approximately 30 feet across the lift's cable". "I knew my slackline experience prepared me perfectly for this so I burst into action". The lift reopened Wednesday, and was open to the public on Thursday.

Arapahoe Basin issued a statement saying, "We wish to extend our best wishes to our guest for a speedy recovery".