Trump inauguration: Protests under way in Scotland ahead of ceremony

Bridges Not Walls anti Trump protesters have dropped banners on London's bridges

To send Donald Trump a message from across the Atlantic on the day of his inauguration, a group of about 30 volunteers picked one of the most dramatic settings in all of London: Tower Bridge.

Similarly, urging people to attend their protest, Leeds TUC stated on their Facebook page: "Socialist Alternative in the U.S. have initiated the call for a national shut down on January 20, the day of Trump's inauguration".

A "Bridges not Walls" banner was dropped from Tower Bridge at 8.30am, following by drops from every Thames crossing as far as Vauxhall.

The protest is part of a wider banner drop from bridges around the world.

Thousands more protests are expected all over Britain. More British anti-Trump protests are also planned for this afternoon to coincide with his inauguration ceremony.

The UKs Stand Up To Racism group is also set to hold a protest outside the United States embassy in London, with similar events planned at consulates and American centres in Swansea, Wales, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, among other parts of Britain. The demonstration has spread as far as Australia, the USA and Norway.

The banners were drapped from the A58 near the University and at Leeds Bridge. "By standing together we can show that the rhetoric of fear and hate have no place in our society", she said.

"If we want any decent kind of future for our communities, we need to reject those who call on us to build walls between us, and instead begin to build bridges".

Nicholls said: "It's just letting the United Kingdom (and the world) know that there are people in solidarity with those marginalised by leaders like Trump". And as the Green Party, we are particularly making a point about refugees.

Protests against Donald Trump have taken place across Scotland to oppose his presidency. "We are building bridges, not walls, to a peaceful and just world rid of oppression and hatred".