Compensatory picks announced, Cardinals get fifth rounder

NFL Draft 2017: Chiefs earn 4 compensatory picks

Starting this year, the National Football League is now allowing compensatory picks to be traded, meaning the Colts have another resource for their off-season plan.

While four teams received four comp picks each - Cincinnati, Cleveland Denver and Kansas City - the Panthers were awarded only one.

Here's the full list of picks that were awarded for this year's draft.

Last year, the Cowboys were awarded four such picks to boost their total to nine, one of which turned into quarterback Dak Prescott (fourth round, 135th overall).

Baltimore's extra pick will be the 35 selection in the third round and 99 overall, which is tied for the highest compensatory pick in Ravens history. Only 32 picks are handed out in total each year.

The NFL announced compensatory Draft picks for 2017 today. It means that third-round pick (107 overall) is currency.

But as Browns fans know, the rest of the draft is just as important if the team is going to successful for the first time in a decade. The formula is based on playing time, salary and postseason honors.

The compensatory picks were determined by the NFL Management Council.

If you've been hoping to finish up on your seven-round mock draft, you can now officially do that, because we know where all 32 teams will be picking during April's NFL Draft. They take in to account free agents lost and free agents gained in the past offseason.

The Ravens have to be pleased with this announcement, as they now have two third-round picks and four picks within the top-100 slots. They traded their original fifth-round pick to the New England Patriots in exchange for A.J.