Donald Trump Polls: President's Approval Rating Reaches 39 Percent

Donald Trump News Press Conference

At a White House press conference on Thursday, that some have labeled as freakish, Trump blamed the "out of control" media for his troubles, citing what he has continually called "fake news" reports.

A Gallup poll revealed on Friday that Trump's approval rating was trailing the average rating for past USA presidents by 21 points for the current period.

The poll reported that 55 percent of likely voters support the Trump's performance so far, while 45 percent of voters oppose it. Trump has 38 percent of voters strongly agreeing with his performance and 36% strongly disagreeing.

Poll: President Donald Trump would beat US Sen.

The intensity of the public's early views of Trump is striking: Fully 75% either approve or disapprove of Trump strongly, compared with just 17% who feel less strongly.

So the 52 percent pro-Trump to 26 percent pro-media attitudes among independent-minded swing voters push the final result into Trump's favor - and also give him a political and electoral advantage as the left-leaning established media repeatedly slams Trump, his deputies and his popular policies, such as curbs on immigration.

That's the finding of a Pew Research Center survey released Thursday, which said nearly half of USA adults strongly disapproved of Trump's job performance after few weeks, including nearly all Democrats. Only nine percent of Democratic participants thought President Trump was honest, compared to 81 percent of Republicans polled. Meanwhile, only eight percent of Democrats voiced approval. Twelve percent said they were treated equally.

More than two-thirds questioned (68%) said press scrutiny of Trump has been tougher than that of his predecessor in the White House, now former President Barack Obama.

The characteristics that Americans are most likely to say apply to Trump clearly reflect the key message of his inaugural address and his actions since taking office over three weeks ago.

Another Gallup poll released last week found majorities of Americans considered the president a strong leader who kept his promises.