Iceland's president says he would ban pineapple on pizza

If President Jóhannesson had it his way this pizza would be illegal

Jóhannessonuring joked that he'd ban putting pineapple on pizza if only he had the power to make laws.

The incendiary comments were in response to questions from students about where he stood on the concept of pineapple as a topping while visiting a local high school. Jóhannesson has become a political hero overnight after denouncing pineapple on pizza.

The Icelandic diet is heavy on lamb, dairy, and fish, but if President Jóhannesson wants to switch things up and go vegan, he can always try Blackbird Pizzeria's take on the Hawaiian, featuring house-smoked tofu instead of the traditional ham, roasted pineapple and daiya cheese.

Following his remarks at the Akureyri school, Guðni himself took to social media to clear up the "pizza controversy", writing on Facebook that he actually likes pineapple - just not on pizza. A power, he added, he is glad not to have. I would not want to hold this position if I could pass laws forbidding that which I don't like.

While Guðni's harmful rhetoric, which has the potential to rock his 97 percent approval ratings, appeared to purposely widen the rift between the two factions of pizza lovers, Guðni failed to mention that his own tastes in pizza are those of garbage people. "Presidents should not have unlimited power".

Jóhannesson was recently asked by a schoolchild how he feels about pineapple pizza toppings. And despite its name, the pizza style did not originate in Hawaii.