IRS in Hot Water Over Howard Stern Broadcast

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In her suit filed on Monday in MA federal court, Judith Barrigas insisted she was on the phone with the IRS service center in May 2015 talking through the potential misapplication of her tax refund, when IRS agent Jimmy Forsythe called the 63-year-old celebrity radio jockey's SiriusXM show on another line during their conversation.

"Mr. Stern and The Stern Show were fully aware that they were broadcasting and disseminating Mrs. Barrigas' tax and personal information, yet failed to take any action to stop the broadcast", the suit filed Monday in MA federal court reads.

After that, Barrigas began receiving tons of calls and text messages, according to the Washington Post. Barrigas was simply looking to address a few concerns about her taxes, which Forsythe attempted to resolve over the span of 45 minutes on a separate phone.

The shock jock apparently got access to the call because the agent with whom Barrigas was speaking, Jimmy Forsythe, was on hold with Stern when he took the Barrigas call on another line.

She's suing the 'Stern Show, ' Howard himself and the United States of America. aka head honcho of the IRS.

Among the personal information that was allegedly broadcast to some of Siruis XM's 30 million subscribers was Barrigas's phone number. "I couldn't believe it".

"Only upon notice from WCVB did the IRS begin an investigation into the matter and place Agent Forsythe on administrative leave", the complaint states.

During this conversation, someone at Stern's show overheard that call and made a decision to air the discussion live on SiriusXM.

The clip seems to have been removed from both YouTube and Stern's website, but a news report including a portion of the show is still online.

Barrigas claims in the suit that she "has difficulty sleeping and eating since the incident, and has sought treatment as a result".

Howard Stern is being sued for airing live a phone call that a woman thought she was having privately with an IRS agent.