Jimmy Kimmel Is Seriously Considering Hanging Up His Talk Show Hat

Oscar swag bag

That might spell the end of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, according to the host.

The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" star, who is set to host the Oscars this Sunday, is already considering retiring from his popular ABC talk show - and could do so in as soon as three years. 'It's possible that will be it.

Before the gag Kimmel joked: You're thinking we could have used more time Because Oprah told me I'm lovely just as I am'.

"I don't think it will be very political", he said of his monologue.

"I wanted to do it but I've also feared doing it - and I still fear doing it." he told CNN.

Will you miss Kimmel's annual After the Oscars special, or is it enough to have him host the actual kudoscast? As far as rituals or anything before the show, we do have a chant (at "Live!") that we do before every show, where everyone in the room will chant "Best show ever!" and I fist-bump everybody.

Damon, who produced the Oscar-nominated drama Manchester by the Sea, added: "I'm going to be there a few rows deep hoping that he messes up". Television is changing quickly.

Kimmel: The biggest challenge is I have a lot of jokes and I have to whittle them down and figure out which ones to use. If there's something that excites me creatively, it doesn't necessarily mean something in show business. 'I like to draw.

"I would definitely make those decisions the day of or day before as to how much material I do and what my spin on it". "But people keep reminding you that it's the Oscars and that there are three times as many people watching, and that it's the most important awards show".

Matt Damon, left, and host Jimmy Kimmel appear on stage at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, Sept. 18, 2016, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Ellen DeGeneres hosted the 2014 Academy Awards to rave reviews. The moment he feels like they are repeating themselves, it will be Kimmel's cue to leave.