Joy Villa's Dress Designer at Grammys: 'We Have to Support Our President'

The 'Make America Great Again' Dress And Other Grammys Fashion

Who is responsible for the disrespect: Trump or the pastor?

On the back, in large, block lettering, the dress spelled out POTUS' last name.

Many saw Villa's action as a direct message to her liberal counterparts who voiced strong opinions at previous award shows against Trump and his divisive policies. Her Instagram profile lists her as a "Grammy Considered Artist" (and no, that isn't an actual thing) who moonlights as an actress and "Awarded Vegan Bodybuilder". He was first discovered on Rihanna's Bravo reality show, Styled to Rock, and launched his label in San Diego in 2013, selling ready-to-wear and red-carpet looks online only. I'm honored you have chosen to follow and support my music and my message of love! I am a minority, Joy is black. "You are infinite and lovely and no one can stop you but you", Villa wrote. Way to go girl!" and "I don't know this artist, but it doesn't matter. Reviews include sentiments like "thank you for supporting TRUMP!"

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"[Villa] is one of the people on this planet that really promotes love", Soriano said.

"How much did he pay you", another Twitter user asked. The 25-year-old singer then revealed a red, white, and blue dress with Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" printed across the front in sparkly silver print. "That's why she was wearing the heart".

Villa and the gown's designer, Andre Soriano, joined "Fox & Friends" Tuesday to discuss the thought process behind the dress. "Agree to disagree", she also wrote on Instagram. "You either stand up for what you believe or fall for what you don't". "Life is made to be lived, so go boldly and give no offs!" "Be your lovely selves tonight!"

Without solid numbers, it's hard to judge how much Villa's own album sales have leaped, but it's clear she succeeded in one thing: making a statement.