Officials take down drug catapult at Arizona-Mexico border

An improvised catapult attached to the south side of the border fence near Douglas was found and dismantled by border agents on Friday

U.S. border patrol agents have found a medieval-style catapult mounted on the border wall with Mexico, created to launch bundles of drugs into the US.

As agents approached the area, several people scurried off. A catapult system was attached to the fence and two bundles of marijuana were located in the area, too.

- Officials with the United States Border Patrol said their agents recently found a catapult system on the U.S. - Mexico border that was allegedly used to launch drugs into the United States.

Border Patrol agents seized the marijuana and called Mexican authorities to investigate the contraption.

They say they found a catapult along the fence on the U.S. -Mexico border in Douglas, Ariz. However, he adds, smugglers still tend to use traditional methods to bring drugs across the border through the ports of entry.

Customs and Border Protection agents discovered the contraption, seemingly made of "square tubing and a heavy spring welded together, with rope tied around parts of it", on February 10, scaring off a group of people nearby and later discovering bundles of weed in the vicinity.