Rally held outside Louisville Marriot to protest Sen. McConnell

Protesters, supporters gather for McConnell event in Lawrenceburg

This frustration was (rightfully) expressed in front of McConnell this week at the Lawrenceburg Chamber of Commerce in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, after an angry constituent berated the Senate majority leader over the Trump administration's incompetence.

Sen. Mitch McConnell addressed the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati Chambers of Commerce Thursday afternoon in Covington. He has been a rubber stamp for Donald Trump and these people are upset and they are wanting their voices heard.

Under Trump, McConnell said the government would de-regulate business, replace the Affordable Care Act and reform taxes.

He was interrupted twice during his remarks by two people wanting, as they said, "to be heard". "They don't have a plan". He also said he hoped the "fever" among his Democratic colleagues would break soon so the Senate could get back to work and get through some confirmation votes more quickly. The Senate Majority Leader is touring the state during the congressional recess. He led the way showing us how to be obstructionists.

Outside among a group of at least 100 demonstrators, Nancy Neis of Latonia says McConnell hasn't been listening. He just disagrees with them.

"They had their shot in the election, certainly had their shot in Kentucky, but in this country when you win the election you get to make the policy".

Edwards said that he had only one message for the protesters.

McConnell seemed unfazed by the outbursts jokingly saying, "Obviously you're having multiple speakers today". "Use your imagination", he chuckled at an event with constituents in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. "I'm not suggesting that these are not legitimate complaints, but they're coming from active, involved Democrats".

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, McConnell addressed the Anderson Co.