Twitter launches custom profiles for business agents and customer support teams

T-Mobile USA Is Helping Twitter Break In a New Customer-Service Feature: Custom Profiles for DMs

This new feature allows businesses to personalize customer support experience each time their customers or clients message them directly on this platform.

While business agents are having a conversation with potential or existing customers, the new custom profiles feature will enable them to use their own names and profile pictures, instead of using a bot name or company's Twitter names.

Only T-Mobile has access to the feature for now.

According to a research report of Twitter, nearly 77% of people are likely to recommend a brand when they offer personalized customer experienced on the site.

Cairns pointed out that T-Mobile began adding agents' pictures and names to replies on Twitter a year ago, linking users to those agents' custom biography pages.

In a blog post, Twitter said consumers want to get connected to real people when dealing with a company on Twitter, and with the new feature, businesses can more clearly indicate when it is a human or a bot handling the issue. (TMUS), the third-place US wireless carrier, will be the first company to use the new customer service feature.

The company is partnering with T-Mobile at launch, and it seems the mobile carrier's approach to customer interactions has been somewhat of an inspiration for the feature.

"Custom profiles can help people identify when they are speaking to a human versus not, which helps manage their expectations about the types of replies they might receive", said Ian Cairns, customer service product lead at Twitter. Twitter is supporting custom profiles in direct messages for businesses free of charge, and has an API now in private beta.

Twitter's direct message APIs are now in private beta. That's an issue you could face on Twitter, when multiple reps are in charge of a company's account and presence, but depending on the company's policy, they either hide in anonymity or have to do not forget to sign messages with their initials or names to seem more approachable to users.