Verizon simplifies prepaid offerings, introduces new 2 GB plan

AT&T opens unlimited data to all customers

One week after announcing a new unlimited data plan for postpaid customers, Verizon has revealed a new prepaid data plan.

We've seen some shakeups in the wireless service market, with three of the biggest carriers rolling out new/modified unlimited plans in a sort of battle-for-the-consumer.

American telecom operator Verizon Wireless today said it will price the new 2 GB prepaid plan at $40 per month ensuring data connectivity for the full month. Once that amount has been consumed, the Always-On Data feature allows data to be received at 128 kbps for the remainder of the month. That joins 5 GB for $50/month and 10 GB for $70/month in prepaid plans.

Those who do not require a data plan can purchase a basic setup that includes unlimited talk and text for $30 a month. The $40 per month prepaid cost includes worldwide text to 200 countries, unlimited texting, unlimited talk, Always-On data with the 2GB high-speed data allotment.

The new plan also features high-speed data carry forward, which means that if you pay on time, any high-speed data leftover from the previous month will be carried forward and will become available to use in the following month.

For those who use more data than 2GB every month, you might want to try out Verizon's higher plans. Verizon has 114.2 million retail connections.