Airline cancellations pile up to 6000 as storm disrupts travel plans

Airlines have waived fees to change flights as travel chaos descends across US Northeast

"So a lot of people were on the phone over the weekend rebooking their Tuesday flights for Monday, so today is a very heavy day for us as a result".

A look at FlightAware's cancellation listings shows that today, March 13, is already sporting almost 2,400 delays and more than 1,280 cancellations - and it's not even 10 a.m. yet on the East Coast. But the season is now set to end with some challenging weather for travelers.

At Rochester's airport, an additional 43 flights have been canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday in anticipation of the coming storm.

HIA spokesperson Scott Miller said "it's a very hard decision, and yes, they want to get out of dodge as soon as they can, but not a minute before they have to". Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and Atlantic City global airports are all telling travelers to check with their airlines before heading to the airport.

In Boston, the National Weather Service said snow was expected to start about 7 a.m. Tuesday and go until late in the night.

Airlines are also making contingency plans.

"Allegiant makes their flight decisions on a case by case basis".

One family who talked with CBS46 News says snow in Charlotte, North Carolina forced them to miss their flight to Atlanta. "Provided it's safe", Miller said. Philadelphia isn't far behind with 223 planes grounded. The storm was affecting service at 40 airports, American said, also including Washington-Reagan and Chicago.

"Four dollars and fifty cents for every airline ticket that's purchased comes to the airport, the rest goes to the airline and the government".

Airlines have waived fees to change flights as travel chaos descends across US' Northeast.