Bernie Sanders: Dems should get credit for killing AHCA

Sanders on GOP bill Americans didn't want

"I think we were doing the architects of Obamacare a favour" with this bill", Ryan said, adding the Affordable Care Act is on the brink of failure.

Sanders told the audience that the defeat of the Republican healthcare bill demonstrates widespread dissatisfaction among Americans with GOP healthcare policies. "Only a single payer system can negotiate lower drug prices".

"The American people spoke loud and clear; they do not support gutting their own health benefits in order to give massive tax cuts to health insurance companies".

Democratic U.S. Rep. Peter Welch said he would introduce the same bill in the House of Representatives.

Still, Bernie Sanders is not going to pass up an opportunity like this to advocate for Medicare for all and single-payer healthcare, which is exactly what he did.

The progressive pivot toward a single-payer system highlighted a division among the progressive and moderate wings of the Democratic party, which was on full display in February when former Labor Secretary Tom Perez defeated progressive Congressman Keith Ellison, who co-sponsored Conyers' bill, in a vote to become the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Khanna brought up the fact that Trump had endorsed single-payer healthcare in a 2000 book he wrote, "The America We Deserve".

"Obamacare has serious problems. Medicare for all achieves the savings needed to provide comprehensive coverage to everyone". A "single-payer" plan would work as the popular Federal "Medicare" program does, paying health costs for those over 65 based on paycheck contributions made by workers and employers during one's working life. "The NHP would also cover long-term care, a benefit that few Americans now enjoy".

For individuals, Mr Trump has said he wants to simplify the US' tax bands, reducing the number from seven to three, with thresholds at 12, 25 and 33 per cent. Sanders' support for a single-payer system was a centerpiece of his unsuccessful run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Physicians for a National Health Program says single payer reform is "the only way to fulfill the president's pledge'". In the Managed Care magazine in 2010, Dr. Woolhandler compared the Affordable Care Act with giving "a cancer patient Tylenol or aspirin when the person needs a surgeon". She is also a lecturer at Harvard Medical School.

- Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) March 27, 2017Trump's 31% cut to the EPA means this woman's children would likely be breathing dirtier air and drinking contaminated water.