Bottled water number-one beverage in US

Americans Now Prefer Bottled Water to Soda

Americans now drink more bottled water than carbonated soft-drinks, amid concerns for health effects of sugary drinks, according to Industry tracker Beverage Marketing Corp.

An industry tracker says bottled water overtook soda as the No. 1 drink in the sales volume a year ago. That's quite the slide from the 1990s and early 2000s, when people were regularly guzzling more than 50 gallons yearly. In 2015, the average American bought about 35 gallons of water per year and 40 gallons of soda, as opposed to 15 gallons of water and 50 gallons of soda in 2000.

"Bottled water effectively reshaped the beverage marketplace", BMC Chairman and CEO Michael C. Bellas said.

"Where once it would have been unimaginable to see Americans walking down the street carrying plastic bottles of water, or driving around with them in their cars" cup holders, now that's the norm'.

The report comes after another industry tracker, Beverage Digest, in February projected that bottled water volume consumption would surpass carbonated soft drinks in 2017.

Most of the general public believes that bottle water is cleaner and safer than drinking from the tap, said an attorney representing health advocates. Now, reports indicate that Americans drink more bottled water than they do soda. They added PepsiCo which was supposed to market its new Lifewtr brand instead of its cola flagship.

"Bottled water's ascent coincided with and encouraged seismic shifts in consumer preferences for healthier refreshment and rehydration", the release reads.

However, the profit margins for sodas are still higher than that of bottled water.

The results of a benchmarking study show that the amount of water and energy used to produce bottled water products in North America is less than all other types of packaged beverages.