Daycare worker arrested in Pennsylvania after pushing 4yo girl down stairs

GOTCHA Seconds later Gable looked up at the camera perhaps only noticing it for the first time

A newly installed surveillance camera captured a daycare worker pushing a 4-year-old girl down a set of stairs and into a wall.

6ABC reports the camera that caught the push was installed just about a half hour before the incident occurred.

The video appears to show Gable pushing the girl down four flights of steps, before she apparently realized she was being recorded. She then takes the girl by the hand and leads her down the stairs the rest of the way.

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood on Monday said it's every parent's nightmare.

Gable was sacked from the Child Care of the Future day care center in Clifton Heights outside of Philadelphia, and was arrested on charges of endangering the welfare of a child and assault.

Upon descending some steps, Gable briefly stops and looks at the camera, as if acknowledging its presence and perhaps discovering that her position might be compromised. "I'm like, 'It's not her shoe, I just watched you on camera do it'".

"I was so upset".

Gable had reportedly worked at the daycare center for about a year but she had about 25 years of experience working in child care. "We don't treat children here like that", Tavares told local ABC-owned station WPVI.

"It still hurts me, just seeing the video".

"She was a little scared of the steps", said Tavares.

On Monday, Chitwood described what he'd seen on the video as what he considered "a horrific act" and "a betrayal of trust".

"My little guy, she would greet him with a hug".

The 4-year-old girl suffered a knee injury but went back to daycare the next morning. "So I always thought she was one of the best teachers", said Ronnie Siekor, a parent who remembers Gable.