Disney Releases Soundtrack To 'Beauty and the Beast'

From the novel to the Emma Watson film how Beauty and the Beast evolved over the centuries

While LeFou's sexuality is such a shocking and intriguing twist, not everyone is on board of the "Beauty and the Beast" character being gay.

To complete the collection Swarovski artisans have recreated the mystical Enchanted Rose that plays a pivotal role in the story and the upcoming live-action musical film.

Marco Bertozzi, vice president of Europe, sales for Spotify, said: "Disney's Beauty and the Beast is one of the most charming and beautifully-designed campaigns ever launched in partnership with Spotify". The Harry Potter actress insisted that a new twist in the 2017 film is meant to send a message for viewers.

As if Céline Dion's "Titanic" anthem "My Heart Will Go On" wasn't tear-jerking enough, she's gone and created another romantic masterpiece for Disney's live-action "Beauty and the Beast". The diva said she was " honored" to have been chosen to accompany in music the new version of this film produced by the Disney studios. "I just had to kind of unearth it", she told I knew I had to do the work, and I had to be where I had to be. Emma Watson, while an okay singer, sounds a bit disconnected from the heart and spirit of the songs. "And I had to be where I had to be, and scheduling conflict wise it just didn't work out". I don't want people going into this movie thinking there's a huge sort of narrative there. "It was one of those situations where I had been committed to "Beauty and the Beast" for gosh, the idea of the project itself, for years".

According to an article on PR Newswire, song will be performed in the movie by Maurice (Kevin Kline) and in a reprise by Belle (Emma Watson), but Celine's version is in the soundtrack.

The new Beauty and the Beast soundtrack releases next Friday, March 17, with original songs and tracks from the film, sung by the cast.