Google startup project launches video sharing app Uptime

Google's Uptime app is a more social way to watch YouTube videos

The app is available for iPhone users only and there's no word whether or not it would be available for Android.

"When you enter a video post, your watch will be shown in real time with anyone in the video", according to a FAQ page.

Last year Google launched a startup incubator called Area 120, which was created to give its employees a place within the company to flesh out their own ideas. For example, you can't record video or stream live but rather, only share YouTube clips. That said though, it is a good start. To add a video to the Uptime Home feed, just click on it, write a comment (this step is mandatory), and click "Share". They can, however, get daily video recommendations from their friends. You can also "engage" with your friends while watching a video with sparkles when you tap your screen, stickers, and hearts. Each user's avatar will be displayed on the progress bar, so their friends will now about their progress in the video. "Anyone can join the video as you are watching it and he/she will be able to see your watches and engagements".

Uptime is essentially its own little social network that's centered around discovering and watching YouTube videos with people that you follow. By choosing to not populate the app with the entire YouTube portfolio, the company is leaving it upon users to chose what videos would be suitable for watching with friends.

The app still needs a lot of work before it can set itself up as the place to watch stuff with friends. Uptime, as the app is called, includes chat functionality and emoji, and is best suited for vertical video viewing. Also missing is the ability to find videos that have already been shared to the network using the search feature. Also, the app is limited for a few people.

However, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Uptime is only available on iOS right now, with no mention yet of an Android version.