Here's your very first look at Dave Chappelle's new stand-up specials

Dave Chappelle's back in new Netflix special trailer

The shows were filmed in two locations - Austin, TX, and Los Angeles - and contain material that is, at Netflix describes it, from his "personal comedy vault".

Dave Chappelle is making quite an entrance on Netflix.

A Tribe Called Quest's "We the People" is the soundtrack for Dave Chappelle's new specials. If the trailer for his upcoming specials, both available to stream on Netflix as of March 21, is any indication, Dave Chappelle's glorious return has a theme, and that theme is awful, terrible death. The two that now exist are on their way, coming to to Netflix on March 21.

Netflix is gearing up for the legendary stand-up comic's first concert special in over a decade. He talks about watching ISIS videos on YouTube ("Don't like") and meeting O.J. Simpson in the '90s with Nicole Brown Simpson (and it gets as dark as you can imagine). Each hourlong special was self-financed by Chappelle, who's been the recipient of three Emmy nominations over the years for both his Comedy Central series and his comedy specials. Chappelle is now on tour doing more stand-up performances in preparation for that third special.