How To Use Messenger Day, Facebook's Copycat Feature Like Snapchat Stories

Instagram rips off yet another feature from Snapchat

It's hard to find anything new on Messenger Day that Snapchat - or the Facebook-owned Instagram Stories - doesn't offer.

Called Messenger Day, the feature provides easy, one-swipe access to your phone camera to snap or film whatever is going on in your world at that specific moment in time.

Messenger Day is, like many other features Facebook has introduced over the past few years, not dissimilar to something we have seen from rival Snapchat - a company Facebook memorably tried and failed to buy. These new geostickers are being added into Instagram Stories' current lineup of stickers, and will be accessible to Instagram users worldwide with the latest 10.11 update released today on iOS and Android. The new feature works in nearly exactly the same manner as Snapchat, letting users to share photos and videos to a story within the Messenger app, adding filters and stickers. These posts will vanish after 24 hours. The only thing that separates this feature from stories on Instagram or Snapchat, is the built-in privacy features.

This news looks to just be compounding an already-dire situation for Snapchat, which has seen its stock prices drop around 24 percent over the last two days.

According to Instagram, the first places getting more advanced citywide and neighborhood unique stickers are New York City and Jakarta. Or, tap the "Add to your day" button at the top of your inbox to get started. The user can then take a photo or hold to record a video, tap on the photo icon to upload from the camera roll, or tap on the art pallet icon to write something.

Tap the smiley face icon to add stickers that are broken down into categories like "Who's Up For?" and "Dress Up".

Once you have your photo or video the way you want it, tap the arrow in the bottom right corner.

Tap of the "Aa" icon to add text on the screen.

Similar to Snapchat Stories, the Messenger Day lets you click photos and videos and post the self-destructing content within the Messenger. Besides adding an image to Day, users can also save it to their camera roll or send it to someone.