Hyundai FE Fuel Cell Concept previews hydrogen-powered SUV coming in 2018

Hyundai FE Fuel Cell Concept looks to the future at Geneva 2017

South Korea's leading automaker Hyundai Motor Co. unveils its new futuristic concept auto, the FE Fuel Cell Concept, at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, on March 7, 2017.

Hyundai says that this concept previews a 2018 fuel cell-powered crossover, likely a new generation Tucson fuel cell.

"From a vehicle manufacturer point of view we see hydrogen fuel cell as the ultimate goal - the range, the practicality, the refuelling time - we're all used to going to a petrol station, filling up in three minutes then driving away and doing 600km".

The production version of this Hyundai fuel-cell crossover utility vehicle is expected to become available during 2018 in a handful of markets.

Woong Chul Yang, Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor Company, said: "Hyundai Motor has a heritage of building innovative, fuel-efficient vehicles that advance the automotive industry's environmental progress".

Compared to the hardware Tucson ix35 Fuel Cell, the Hyundai FE Fuel Cell Concept is 20 per cent lighter, while the fuel efficiency gets a boost by 10 per cent.

They included the Hyundai Tucson FCEV, Hyundai's first commercialized fuel cell vehicle now sold in 17 countries, according to the company. While the new fuel cell vehicle concept appears to be impressive, Hyundai will have to find a way to make fuel cells in general appeal to consumers interested in clean transportation. As recently as 2016, the company was offering leases on a zero-emission Tucson Fuel Cell in certain parts of California and a few other markets.

The Geneva press conference began with a video interviewing Grant Twiggy Baker, WSL Big Wave World Champion, who emphasized the theme of water-a smart choice for Hyundai's influential Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy. Power density is also enhanced by 30% allowing the concept to complete a 497 mile range. According to Hyundai, "one of the most notable characteristics of the new concept is its internal air humidifier, which recycles water emitted by the car's clean hydrogen energy circulation to create a more comfortable cabin environment". There's also portable battery packs so you can power your devices on the go. There are plans for more hydrogen refuelling stations by 2020, with journeys from Los Angeles to San Francisco now very attainable.