In Dallas, 911 Center Is Haunted by 'Ghost' T-Mobile Calls

Tragic loss Brandon Alex died at six months on Saturday after he fell from a bed and his baby sitter could not reach 911 to summon help

Alex said she rushed home to pick up her son and get him to a hospital, but that was almost an hour after the babysitter had made the first call to 911 and by then, Brandon had stopped breathing.

Kelli Merriweather, executive director of the Commission on State Emergency Communications, says her agency believes the problem is limited to Dallas 911.

The city confirmed that ghost calls from T-Mobile phones were flooding emergency lines at the time of the boy's death. CBS Dallas-Fort Worth spoke with Mayor Mike Rawlings about his frustration and the danger the situation poses for residents. Dallas officials said the babysitter had called the 911 center multiple times after being placed on hold.

T-Mobile sent top executives to the city Wednesday following news reports that an infant died Saturday after. They said no other cell phone carriers seemed to be affected by the "ghost calls" issue.

"I said, 'Why couldn't you call 911?' She said, 'I am calling 911". So she hung up and called back again, but this time reportedly waited on hold for 30 minutes.

"I want them to take responsibility of my son's death".

"I think they should reach out to T-Mobile", she says.

Operators are forced to call back every number that registers as a hang-up to verify whether emergency assistance is needed and, if no one answers, police will have to be dispatched to the scene.

She made the second call at 5:57 p.m and it lasted eight minutes and 40 seconds. She called for a third time at 6:11 pm.

"I've heard nothing, and they told me they'd keep me informed of what's going on", Taffet said.

Since the baby sitter did not have a vehicle to take Brandon to the hospital, his mother sped home and rushed him to Methodist Dallas Medical Center herself.

Bridget Alex was attending her nephew's funeral on Saturday when the babysitter called to say her baby, named Brandon, fell and would not wake up.

The boy's mother, Bridget Alex, told the station that she was at her sister's home when her baby sitter frantically called her, saying her 6-month-old son had fallen from a day bed and was unconscious. "Like I thought 911 one was supposed to be there to help us but in this case I lost my son". The cause of death remains undetermined, CNN reports.

The technology glitch works like this: when T-Mobile customers call 911, their phone - for reasons still unknown to officials - repeatedly call 911 while they sit on hold. "I want the problem solved immediately and if it takes longer I want to know why".