Intel Optane SSD With 3D XPoint Memory Unveiled

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There are also plans to release 750GB and 1.5TB PCIe models and 375GB, 750GB and 1.5GB models with a U.2 form factor throughout 2017.

The Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X is the first product to combine the attributes of memory and storage, On March 19, 2017, Intel announced the first product for $1,520 USA dollars, 375GB PCI SSD card.

According to Intel, the new data storage tier created by Intel Optane technology enables significantly improved response times under most workloads. But in addition to acting as a substitute for NAND for storage, the drive can also act as a main memory source in tandem with a server's DRAM. Meanwhile, the Optane SSD DC P4800X has been priced $1,520 a pop. And the same goes for the data centre.

At last, Intel is making a stand-alone drive based on its extremely fast 3D storage technology. although you're probably not about to pick one up yourself.

The latest Optane series can help data centers deliver new solutions in cloud computing and other cutting-edge service areas.

The first variety of the highly awaited SSD series is the DC P4800X, that has 375 GB of storage capacity.

The above can also be considered as the outcome of Intel's association with Micron that had yielded the 3D XPoint Memory back in July of 2015. Intel said it expects the cost structure to be closer to that of NAND than of DRAM.

The feature requires using Intel's own chipset and Xeon processors, along with a middleware layer that boots before the operating system and presents DRAM and SSD resources to the operating system and applications as a single pool of memory. While DRAM and NAND use transistors etched in silicon to store electrical charges representing digital 1s and 0s, the new technology uses no transistors and stores no charge, Intel has said. Intel has stated earlier that these drives will be eight times faster than the ordinary SSDs that are available in the market.

This particular SSD has a capacity of 375GB and will have an initial price of $1520 (~R19 280).

A new series of solid-state drives (SSD) from Intel target data centers looking to deploy advanced applications with heavy database demands.