IRA street fighter turned statesman, Martin McGuinness dies aged 66

I could never forgive McGuinness, says Father of Warrington bomb victim

Colin Parry, whose 12-year-old son Tim died in an IRA bomb in the English town of Warrington in 1993, told BBC radio that he could not forgive McGuinness but paid tribute to his "desire for peace".

Police were told not to pursue Martin McGuinness over his alleged role in an IRA attack that left nine dead, because it was "too politically sensitive", it has been reported.

The Northern Ireland Assembly will be recalled to allow MLA's to respond to the death of Martin McGuinness.

Mr McGuinness, who died from a rare heart condition, completed an extraordinary political journey from an IRA leader in Derry to sharing power and a remarkable friendship with his erstwhile foe, Democratic Unionist leader Dr Ian Paisley.

The death of McGuinness was announced yesterday morning.

She said his death was "hugely difficult" for victims of the IRA but said to many nationalists and republicans he was a "leader, friend or mentor".

"It's great and truly fitting to see so many gathered here this evening to show solidarity and respect to Martin and pay homage to a man who was determined and committed to delivering a better future for us all", he said.

While many people across the United Kingdom and beyond will never forgive Martin McGuinness for the many murderous atrocities committed by the IRA during The Troubles, Dr Doran praised him for his peace building work over the past two decades. Requiem mass will be held in Derry on Thursday afternoon.

He also struck up a warm relationship with the Queen, whom he praised for her contribution to peace.

Crowds in Belfast held black flags on Tuesday night and sang the republican ballad "I wish I was back home in Derry".

Mr McGuinness' last political act was to resign as deputy first minister in January over the "cash for ash" scandal, a move which triggered a snap election.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, one of the architects of the 1998 peace deal, said he would not have been able to do it without McGuinness.

Inside, the Daily Mail features extensive coverage on the McGuinness, alongside more pictures of the aftermath of IRA bombings in the UK.

But it was the energy with which McGuinness worked to bed in the peace process that surprised many.

'While I can never condone the path he took in the earlier part of his life, Martin McGuinness ultimately played a defining role in leading the Republican movement away from violence, ' British Prime Minister Theresa May said.