Jennifer Lopez's son asked her to 'wear trousers more'

Following their divorce, Marc and Jennifer have remained close and they are working on a Spanish-language album together.

As she attended a Build Series talk in NY on Thursday (02Mar17), Jennifer told the audience: "You know what Max said to me the other day". There's a reason we're not together, but we're great friends.

"That has been even better for us because actually, we met working", she continued. "That's where we're really magical, when we're on stage together and stuff like that. That's where we're good and so we leave it there".

As for Anthony and Lopez's 9-year-old twins, Max and Emme, the proud mother can't believe she'll soon have two 10-year-olds in her house.

"We definitely have fun chats on set, but she is so busy because she is also an executive producer on the show", Jeffery told us of J.Lo at the show's Season 2 premiere.

"They just make my life so much better", Lopez said, getting emotional.

It's no secret Jennifer Lopez loves to show off some skin, but the 47-year-old's son isn't too thrilled about her racy wardrobe choices. "And I had never really realized how heavy those mics were, because they were always sitting in front of me and so I was never afraid of them".

"JLo and Drake are still talking, so people should know they are not in any means angry or that some incident happened".

"It's an unusual story, sometimes when I record records I lie down on the floor and they put the mic above me", Jennifer said. "I don't know what you saw, but it was in a moment that was not happy for me today because everything's so wonderful in my life and we're having such a great day".