Landslide of rubbish kills 46 at landfill site

Police officers secure the perimeter at the scene of a garbage landslide as excavators aid rescue efforts on the outskirts of the capital Addis Ababa Ethiopia Sunday

Smaller landslides have occurred at the Koshe landfill in the past two years, but no more than three people were killed, Assefa said. Almost 40 people have been rescued and receiving medical treatment.

Over people died after a landslide occurred at a rubbish damp located in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. Dumping at the site had been stopped for a few years, but resumed after local farmers blocked dumping in a new landfill built in their area, AFP reports.

It is estimated that an average of 500 people, among them many children, collect and sort litter at the dump every earning a living with items they sell.

"In a bid to prevent such things happening again, people who were living in this area have now been taken to youth centers in other parts of the city", he said.

She said that 28 people were injured, two seriously.

Tebeju Asres said that the family's house had been swallowed by the landslide.

The landslide buried crude homes built at the dump which serves the Ethiopia's capital city and some concrete buildings.

Ethiopian officials, declared that at least 150 persons were at the Koshe site, at the time of the incident. Yearly an average of 300,000 tons of rubbish are dumped on the landfill.

Ethiopia, which has one of Africa's fastest growing economies, is under a state of emergency imposed in October after several months of sometimes deadly protests demanding wider political freedoms.