Merkel meeting pushed back to Friday

German Social Democrats draw level with Merkel's conservatives poll

Merkel's March 14 visit to the White House-the first meeting for Trump and the longtime German leader-is set to be closely scrutinized amid disagreements on a range of policy issues, from Russian Federation policy to refugees.

Responses from Europe's largest economy could include incrementally higher duties on imports from America and allowing German companies to make their US import tax deductible, thus compensating their competitive disadvantage, according to the report.

According to local media reports, Merkel herself underlined that she is travelling to Washington not only as Germany's leader, but also as an envoy of the Europena Union.

The two were expected to discuss strengthening the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance, collaborating to fight terrorism and taking steps to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, White House officials said Friday.

During his presidential campaign, Trump criticized Merkel over Germany's refugee policies.

Their meeting tomorrow will help craft the future of transatlantic relations, shaping policy in five key areas: trade, immigration, climate change, foreign policy, and defense.

"Trump will also be interested in hearing Merkel's views on her experience with Russia's President Vladimir Putin", Reuters reported.

The meeting with Merkel will also allow Trump to discuss peace efforts in Ukraine. This hour On Point: When Angela Merkel meets Donald Trump.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said in a briefing that the planned Oval Office sit-down, scheduled for Tuesday, was postponed until Friday due to the bad weather.

Indirectly referring to Trump's isolationist economic leanings, she said "even if in parts of the world we see protectionist and nationalist approaches on the rise, Europe may never isolate, seal itself off or withdraw".