One body has been found in the Rescue 116 helicopter wreckage

A week into their search, a body of an Irish Coast Guard member has been found after a helicopter crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.

Captain Mark Duffy's remains were removed from the cockpit of the Rescue 116 aircraft which crashed into the water while on a rescue mission 12 days ago.

The body of Captain Dara Fitzpatrick, a 45-year-old mother-of-one, was the first one of the four crew to have been recovered from the ocean.

Declan Geoghan, Manager of the Irish Coat Guard, said: "At about 10 o'clock the dive team commenced the initial dive and thankfully recovered our colleague from the wreckage".

The crew members have been missing since the Sikorsky S92 helicopter disappeared on its way to refuel at Blacksod lighthouse on 13 March.

"We wish to lift that just a bit to see if the missing crewmen are there".

The coffin, draped in the Irish flag, was driven off the pier with a lone piper leading the cortege.

Derek Flanagan, divisional controller based at Malin Head for the Coast Guard, said communications between the divers and from them to the surface were key for a methodical search of the wreckage.

Garda said that the body of another crew member had been found but they could not yet confirm identification.

"The reason we have to focus so much on the cockpit is that we didn't want to lose Capt Mark Duffy in the process of lifting the wreckage, so the priority had to go to releasing him".

The Naval Service team were deployed shortly after 11.30am this morning from the Irish Light's vessel, the Granuaile.

Superintendent Tony Healy said there is nothing to confirm the bodies of the missing crew are with the wreckage.

"Hopefully we'll be able to now, the remains will be taken ashore for a formal identification by An Garda Síochána and subsequently will be transferred to Castlebar".