Paul Ryan on Trump's claim: 'No such wiretap existed'

Donald Trump with Obama

British Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman earlier in the day dismissed the charge against Britain's GCHQ spy agency as "ridiculous" and said the White House had promised not to repeat it.

Spicer took Trump to task for not taking responsibility for the claim. Spicer suggested the statement from Sens.

"They are not findings", he said.

Both the Democrats and Republicans have been demanding the White House to come up with proof that such wiretapping happened.

Fox News host Shep Smith said Friday that the network could not substantiate Napolitano's claims - or any claims that Trump was ever under surveillance by the Obama administration. Spicer was very apologetic when confronted by Darroch at a White House dinner on Thursday, the Western diplomat said.

"The president has already been very clear that he didn't mean specifically wiretapping". He also previously said he got information from Fox's Sean Hannity and also from Breitbart news.

"Fox News can not confirm Judge Napolitano's commentary", Smith intoned.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes of California, on Wednesday said the committee had not found any evidence to support Trump's claim that Obama had Trump Tower's phones tapped.

The official said there was "at least two calls" from British officials on Thursday and that the British ambassador to the United States called Spicer to discuss the comment.

The phrasing of the statement left open the possibility that tenants or employees working in the tower may have been monitored. The Department of Justice report issued on Friday, March 17, likewise did not confirm Trump's wiretap claim. The department is slated to provide a response to the committee by Monday.

Trump has previously urged congressional lawmakers to look into the matter.

Comey's public testimony comes after Sens.

Earlier Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin pushed back on the accusations as well.

"We've made clear to the U.S. administration that these claims are ridiculous and should be ignored".

"We said nothing" about the GCHQ claim, Trump told journalists. I said "Wait a minute, there's a lot of wiretapping being talked about". Stone says he believes his contacts with a Russian-linked hacker who took credit for breaching the Democratic National Committee were obtained through a FISA warrant, which allows the government to collect the communications of individuals suspected of being agents of a foreign power. He suggested the US president's assertion should not be taken at face value.

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