Pokemon Go Creator Teases Updates Coming Later This Year

Party animal Special Pikachus with party hats will be available to catch until March 6

Before the big release in February, Niantic confirmed that trading and PvP gameplay were some of the big additions that were being planned for 2017.

If you don't find yourself being enticed by the new offering, there's always the chance of reinvigorating your interest in Pokemon Go with the next major update.

Those stunning scenes of urban stampedes are basically over, and user numbers have reportedly plummeted, but that doesn't mean that Pokemon Go was just a fad, according to Niantic CEO John Hanke.

One of the biggest events is happening in Pokemon Go.

Players have been eagerly awaiting a promised feature to let them trade Pokemon, but it didn't arrive with Generation 2.

Separately, at the Game Developers Conference, Niantic is said to have pointed at further updates in the future, Pokemon website reports.

As he was speaking to a room full of telecommunications and technology executives, Hanke also discussed a bit of the business side of the game. That's because two of the features were revealed to be trading and player vs. player battle systems. "It was probably the worst job of forecasting of my career", said Hanke, referring to the relatively large number of times Niantic servers were down in the first few weeks after Pokemon GO launched and millions of players logged on. Niantic revealed this Info in a recent update that a Special Pokemon Day update will be available from 26th February and this update will release Pokemon Go Day Pikachu (a special Pikachu) and various other Pokemon in the wild. The monsters will also have genders, which is an essential feature for Pokemon breeding in the handheld games. In order to achieve this goal, players have used a mind-boggling 44 petabytes of mobile data (1 petabyte = 1000 terabytes), and have walked a total of 5.4 billion miles while chasing Pokemon.