'This Is Us' star says fans have it wrong

'This Is Us' season finale pulls off the show's cruelest twist yet

As the episode began and Jack was driving while intoxicated, on the way to Rebecca's show, I resigned myself that a death by auto crash was imminent.

"Sometimes we don't get all the answers we want". It had at least one great scene, and that last speech from Jack was so powerful, but many viewers weren't left feeling the usual mix of warm-and-fuzzies and heartbreak. But it was all for naught. "I think you focus on how he lives, why he lives", Ventimiglia says. The expectation entering the hour was pretty clear and understandable, that this could be a story that gives you a further sense of how Jack died.

I think we have no choice but to have to be political these days. Yet, a sense of dread consistently pervaded "Moonshadow".

This Is Us Season 2 Shows A Different Randall? But it feels disingenuous because a similar scenario - coworker makes a pass at a married Pearson - already happened. "Patience. That's the kind of show we're making and I couldn't be prouder". We are still trying to process Randall's loss of his birth father, William, so soon after they formed their attractive relationship. The title of this episode will be "Heartbreaking", which apparently suggests the mood of the episode. His issues as not just an adoptee, but a black adoptee in white family, could form its own series.

Past stories? There's a lot of room to develop Kevin/Randall /Kate, too. Stripping out the rest of the characters exposes how thin the Pearsons can be.

After all, we don't just want more Milo - that was something we felt after the pilot, sure, but fans were specifically talking about his butt.

In the end, it was an uneven but at times very effective finale to an uneven but at times very effective season.

Jack has never been a fully-formed character, and part of that is on objective. We find out he was in Vietnam. Eventually, he made his way backstage to try to find Rebecca, but got into an argument with Ben instead. I might even call it in the morning. Ventimiglia said. "How did he embrace his family, even in disrepair?"

As Ventimiglia, 39, absorbs Jack's unusual status as a central character who's long deceased in the present day, the Heroes and Gilmore Girls alum understands the special nature of the critically acclaimed Us. "Here's a couple [who] loves each other, they do deeply, but they've found themselves in a moment of disrepair and they gotta figure it out". Our love story is just getting started'. I also appreciated how that fight ended. Jack had been right about Rebecca's ex and current bandmate, Ben. He's packing up to go to Miguel's after that devastating fight and launches into one of the show's classic soliloquies. This is the life he was supposed to be living all along, and Rebecca is the reason he got to live it. This is all juxtaposed with their marriage break, which is supposed to be a new beginning as well.

- Both Ventimiglia and Moore were excited to shoot the tough scene as Fogelman had hyped it to them in advance, telling them how he wanted to shoot it in one take. Through flashbacks it's revealed that Jack's father is a drunk and verbally abusive.

Viewers have been clamoring for two things from "This Is Us" all season: more Jack and fewer twists. When This Is Us could pull off its emotional manipulation and it was artful. Those sorts of things I was really surprised by, because I don't feel that way.

"I always go back to: The answer is going to reveal itself when it's supposed to", he says. Here are my heartstrings. When Rebecca asked him what to tell the kids, he insisted they know the truth.